Day 2: Cornetti and Fraternity

Some would consider it a croissant with pastries on it.  Some might even find it in a local bakery.  And some might even call it a donut.

But, it is not.  To the Italians, it is Cornetti.  It is in a plural form since you do not just eat one (called Cornetto), but it is expected that you have two.

This was also the gist of the talk during the Mass.  It can always be a tireless, and sometimes lonely, walk if one travels alone.  But when journeying with another person, then the road becomes shorter and the walk lighter.

One third of the apostles of Jesus are brothers.  It is the brotherhood (and of course, sisterhood) in every endeavour that makes things better.  Man's life is a lonely path if not shared, Adam once thought.  

Not only did we do some walking today, but we also did some climbing.  It was not the seven hills of Rome, but the stairs leading to a view where we could see the entire seven hills.

The view from the Cupola at St. Peter's Basilica pales in comparison to the sight we saw once we were on top of the tallest floor in the North American College.  It was a clear, but windy afternoon.  But, there we saw the historical and cultural landmarks of Rome.  

There was no Cornetto, or Cornetti, in the end, though.  Just a plain sharing of sights and vistas, and experiences at that moment.

From a brother to a brother.  Just like during the time of Jesus.  Just being fraternal.

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