Worry Free 24/7

It is bound to happen.  Once he leaves them behind, Jesus knew that his disciples would be worried about what happens to them.  It is bound to happen.  Our lives can sometimes be punctuated by worries and questions of “What if?”  What if I get cancer?  What if I fail this test?  What if I don’t succeed in life?

Some people worry that they will lose their jobs, while others worry that they will find a job.  Some worry once their children leave their house, while others worry that they might come back home.  Some worry that they have so many things to be worried about; while others worry that they have run out of things to worry. 

There is this one kid who told me about his mom.  He says, “My mother is such a worrier.  One cough and she thinks I’ve got bronchitis.  One headache and she thinks I’ve got a brain tumor. One little lie and she thinks I’m going to become a politician."

Worry not.  That is what Jesus is telling us today.  Worry not.  This advice comes after he told the people that they cannot serve two masters—God and mammon.  Sometimes people mistakenly think that money, or more money, is the answer to their problems.  When money becomes their master, then worrying about where to get more money becomes their god.

It is all right to worry.  That is part of being human.  Jesus is teaching us, however, that when worry becomes a distraction, then it becomes inhuman.  To worry a lot means to assume that we can handle things on our own.  To worry much means to presume that God does not care.  To worry senselessly means to be overly concerned about things that are beyond our concerns.

Jesus is not telling us not be worried about our health, our children, our properties, ourselves.  He is telling us not to worry too much about our health, our children, our properties and ourselves that we oftentimes forget who is God and who is not.

So, is worrying justified?  Not really.  Everything we worry about does not happen.  People who worry never get ulcers.  They just give them to everybody else.

Why should we not worry then?  Jesus said it himself.  Life is more than food.  The body is more than the clothing.  Look at the birds in the sky.  Your heavenly father feeds them.  Look at the flowers in the field.  Your heavenly father cares for them. 

Then a slam-dunk challenge and question, “Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life span?”  There is more to life than what we are worrying about.

A grade school teacher was preparing her pupils one day for the visit from a bishop.  She said, "When he comes he will probably ask some questions.  It is a safe bet that one of them will be ’Who made us?’  Now Jimmy, when he asks that, stand up and say, ’God made me, Bishop.’  The day of the visit came and sure enough, the bishop said, "Now, I’d like to ask a few questions and the first one is this.  Who made us?”  The only problem was that Jimmy was absent.  So the girl that sat next to him stood and said, "Bishop, that boy God made, he is not here today."

We are made according to the image of God and we are here today.  If we do not believe in a living God, then we should worry.  If we do not live our lives under a caring God, then we should worry.  And if there is no God, then that could be our biggest fear and worry.

But there is a living God, there is a caring God, there is a God.  So, Jesus asks, “Why worry?”  God is in control.  He is in command.  He knows what we need.  Trust in Him.  Have faith in Him.  He is up and open 24/7.

2 March 2014

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