Bear with me

Bear with me.

It was the story at the beginning of summer.  On Memorial Day weekend, a black bear had been spotted in our area. Perhaps, the bear wished to visit the team from Delran he was named after.  Or maybe, the bear heard about this parish called St. Charles Bear-romeo and wanted to check it out.  But, on Thursday morning the bear, who had his own Twitter and Facebook account, was captured.

And to cut the story short, once again there was peace in the land called Cinnaminson as they prepared for the yearly Carnival.

Peace in our hearts is born from simplicity in our lives. Simplicity in life is the key to perfection. Simplicity is the key to holiness.  

Jesus made it very simple for us.  If you are hungry for me, he says, eat my Body.  If you are thirsty for me, drink my Blood.

God is simple.  He is not complicated.  Jesus is simple. He is not complicated.  If we have to engage ourselves with God, we only need to apply simplicity in our hearts and in our homes.

Our lives are suffering under the heavy burden of complexities.  Why do we have to complicate a lot of things?  We are burdened by those heavy loads of possessing and manipulating.  What do we really need when we already have more than what we truly want?  

All great leaders throughout the history of the world, all the great writers and thinkers in learning, education and formation have agreed that usually the simplest solution is the best solution.

The Body and Blood of Christ is the solution to most, if not all, of our problems.  What we now possess we need to let go.  Jesus did.  What we now have in life is nothing compared to what we will have in the next.

Every brokenness needs healing.  We may have been wounded in the past.  Our dark and hidden secrets, the skeletons in our closets may be hindering us from moving on.  Bring them to our Lord Jesus.  Take them to Christ.  The Body of Christ heals what was broken.

When our problems seem to choke us, let Jesus be of help.  When difficulties in life seem to break us apart, let our loving God care for you.  Do not disregard them, like the disciples did when they saw the hungry crowd.  

They asked Jesus to send these hungry men and women away. Jesus told them instead, "You yourselves give them something to eat.”  This is the beauty and wonder of being part of a faith community.  We have to give each other something to eat.  Otherwise, everyone of us will perish and die.

We share the Body and Blood of Christ.  We share in the Eucharist.  Heaven is not a place for people who live selfish lives.  Heaven is a community.  It is not an isolation camp.  Heaven is where people share.  It is like a carnival, where there is fun, food tent and beer garden.

It is a simple solution.

When we take Jesus through our hearts and in our lives with the grace of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist, we are reminded of the promises he made.  So, when life gets complicated, when we encounter problems and difficulties that no solution is immediately at hand, when trouble and hardship meet us unexpectedly along the way, recall what Jesus said and did,

"Here is my Body.  Take it and eat it.   Here is my Blood. Drink it and share it.  And when you do these things I commanded you to do, know that I am always with you.  I will never abandon you.

Bear with me."

2 June 2013

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