We Know Why He Died

We are gathered as a family to celebrate a death. It is the death of a person we all love and adore. It is the death of a man we know and remember. It is the death of our brother, Jesus the Christ. It is the death of our God.

We know how many years he stayed with us. For more than thirty years he lived with us. For a little less than three, he taught us. And for more than two thousand years, his spirit remained with us.

We know the people he left behind. When he gave up his last breath, there were his mother Mary and two other women. When he gave up his spirit, the only disciple who stayed behind was John. The rest of those around him, they were all mocking him, deriding him, insulting him, not believing in him.

We know what caused his death. Not exhaustion or crucifixion. Not thirst, hunger, or emptiness. Not the pains he endured while on his way to Calvary, or the sufferings in his heart on his way back to His Father.

We know why he died. He died for you and me. He died that we may be happy. He died so that there will be no more death in our midst. No more pain or suffering. No more emptiness or brokenness. No more conflicts, no more sadness. No more trials and tears.

We know why He died. Jesus died to give us life.


22 April 2011

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