Why Potter's Jar

pen dancing on fragments of paper
catching creations of beauty
fingers waltzing on dilapidated keys
making waves of songs in wonder,
awe and duty.

the Potter with his Jars
molded from clumps of clay,
fragile and vulnerable,
some broken
but always irreplaceable.

the Potter
shapes the course of our lives,
as Jeremiah 18:6 pronounced.

some would refuse and beg off,
some would defy and deny,
but never will it be forgotten

the Potter has the right
to form and to mold,
to shape and to ship out,
to develop and to nurture,
to live and to love.

thus, there is pressure
there is pain
but, where the cracks may show
the treasures are hidden.

from the jar He made
we became his potters
still it is His jar
for He is the Potter.

20 February 2007

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